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Indirect Blood Pressure (NIBP)

Non-Invasive Blood Pressure (NIBP) is widely used for routine BP measurement in awake or anesthetized animals. The basic technique is straightforward: a cuff placed at the base of the tail is inflated to occlude blood flow, then the cuff is slowly deflated while monitoring for the return of pulsatile flow. The cuff pressure at the time of the first appearance of pulses indicates systolic BP.  

What separates the various available NIBP systems is the method of pulse detection and measurement. Rats and other rodents control blood flow to the tail as a means of thermoregulation. When the ambient temperature exceeds approximately 28-30oC

The system shown below is for a single animal. Multi-animal systems are also available, with automatic switching between animals. 

One-animal NIBP component set

One-animal NIBP system consists of the components shown at left: Model 29 amplifier and pump system, cuff assembly (specify animal), and animal restrainer.


Animal restrainer showing cuff placement

Close-up of tail cuff assembly

NIBP Software screen shot

Optional animal warming chamber



Standard NIBP components and accessories:

Part No. Model Description
13-01000 Model 29-SSP Single-sensor NIBP system with amplifier, restrainer, & cuff assembly (specify animal)
  NIBP Software PC Software package for above system

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Last modified: October 31, 2012