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Mouse products

Working with mice and mouse-sized animals is a challenge. Although mice operate on the same principles as larger animals, monitoring physiological variables, or just keeping them healthy during experimental procedures requires more than just scaling down the equipment.

Here you will find a collection of hard-to-find instruments and related products that are specifically designed to meet that challenge!

Mouse End-Tidal CO2 Monitor  
Fast-response, low sample flow end-tidal CO2 analyzer for mice.

microCapStar CO2 monitor

MicroCapStar CO2 analyzer (click for data) Part No. 14-10000
microCapStar CO2 Analyzer

Innovative fast-response CO
2 analyzer uses digitally-controlled sample technique for ultra-low sample flow.

Small sample flow (5 - 20 ml/min)
Measures respiratory rate (RR)
Adjustable CO2 alarms


Direct Blood Pressure  
Complete BP monitor for use with mice.

BP-100 BP Monitor with Catheter-tip Transducer

Part No. 19-10000
BP-100 Blood Pressure Monitor

BP monitor for use with standard BP arterial transducers or BP-MINI catheter-tip transducer.

Easy setup and automatic operation
Uses interchangeable transducers
Measures all BP parameters and HR

Part No. 10-04103
BP-MINI Catheter-tip transducer

Miniature (<1mm dia.) transducer catheter.

High-fidelity measurement at the source
Small enough for mouse arteries
Includes connector for use with BP-100


Mouse Ventilator  
New model designed for mice and rodents.

SAR-1000 Ventilator

Part No. 12-03100
SAR-1000 Ventilator

Newest CWE ventilator designed for mice and larger rodents. Direct setting of volume, rate, I/E ratio, and more.

Accurate tidal volumes down to 100ul
Intuitive controls for simple setup
All digital operation with USB remote control

Mouse Ventilator add-on 
Mouse kit for popular SAR-830 ventilator..

Mouse ventilator based on SAR-830/AP Ventilator

SAR-830/AP with Mouse Kit Part No. 12-01020
Mouse Kit for SAR-830 Ventilator

Easily installed on any SAR-830 series Small Animal Ventilator. This provides a small-range flowmeter and special tubing set for mouse-size animals. The flowmeter connects directly to front-panel ports, or can be permanently installed in the instrument for "mouse-only" ventilation.

Accurate tidal volumes down to 100ul
Easily installed on existing SAR-830 ventilators
Special low-volume tubing set


Mouse Temperature Controller  
Precise homeothermic controller for mice.

Homeothermic temperature controller for mice

TC-1000 Temperature Controller with mouse components Part No. 08-13000
Mouse temperature controller
Features precise control of body temperature. Includes small flexible heating pad and special 1mm thermistor probe.

Accurate temperature control over 25-45 degC
Zero-artifact, low-voltage DC power
Adjustable over/under temperature alarm




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Last modified: October 31, 2012