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SAR-830 Series Small Animal Ventilators
Economical, reliable ventilators for rodents and larger animals 

Model SAR-830/AP Small Animal Ventilator

The SAR-830 series ventilators are our most popular small animal ventilators! Their legendary reliability rests on simple principles of operation and robust construction.  Tidal volumes are generated by gating a known airflow into the lungs for a set inspiratory time. Only three controls � respiratory rate, inspiratory time, and flow rate are necessary to produce tidal volumes and respiratory rates over a wide range. Model SAR-830/AP (shown above) has the additional feature of pressure-cycling, where the lungs are always inflated to a set pressure on each inspiration. All models are available with Isoflurane or Halothane anesthesia.

Choose your model: 

SAR-830/P -- Volume or pressure-cycled operation. Has built-in airway pressure bar-graph, and analog pressure output signal. Requires a pressurized source of air, oxygen, or anesthetic mix to operate.

SAR-830/AP -- Volume or pressure-cycled operation, with internal air pump for self-contained operation.. Has built-in airway pressure bar-graph, and analog pressure output signal. 

Accessories: All models are expandable to larger animals, or multi-animal setups through a simple expansion connector. 

Standard SAR-830 Series ventilator models:

Part No. Model Description
12-02000 SAR-830/P Rodent ventilator, volume/pressure-cycled, without air pump
12-02100 SAR-830/AP Rodent ventilator, volume/pressure-cycled, with internal air pump

Ventilator add-ons and accessories:

Part No. Model Description
12-04000 CTP-VA-1 External Valve Assembly, mouse-rat size
12-05000 CTP-VA-3 External Valve Assembly, cat-small dog size
12-10010 MVA-4 Multivalve electrical adapter for adding up to 4 CTP-VA-1's to an SAR-830
12-10020 EFM-1 Flowmeter with stand, specify range: 100cc (mouse), 1000cc (rat), 2500cc (cat/rabbit), 5000cc (small dog)
12-10021 EFM-4 Flowmeter manifold with 4 flowmeters for gas mixing or distribution to multiple valve assemblies, specify range
12-01020 Mouse Kit For SAR-830 series: external flowmeter and low-volume tubing set for mouse
12-11001 LP-REG Low-pressure in-line regulator for use with SAR-830 series ventilators, allows long, constant lung pressure inflations for imaging applications

Data sheet: Click here for a complete data sheet on the SAR-830 series in pdf format.


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Last modified: October 31, 2012