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Check this page for the latest CWE product announcements. We will post new data sheets here, as well as software updates and notices. Click the buttons to the left to go directly to those pages.

new_big.gif (434 bytes) MicroCapStar End-Tidal CO2 Analyzer  
Fast-response, low sample flow end-tidal CO2 analyzer for mice.

MicroCapStar CO2 analyzer (click for data)


new_big.gif (434 bytes) FNS-16 Programmable 16-channel Stimulator
Real-time programmable multi-channel stimulator for functional neuromuscular stimulation. 

FNS-16 Stimulator (click for more data)


new_big.gif (434 bytes) FNS-4 Programmable 4-channel Stimulator
Real-time programmable multi-channel stimulator for functional neuromuscular stimulation. 

FNS-4 Stimulator (click for more data)


SB-1 EKG Blanker
EKG artifact removal for diaphragm EMG recordings.
Complete SB-1 data sheet in pdf format

SB-1 EKG Blanker (click for more data)


MRI-1 MR-compatible ventilator
Small animal ventilator for imaging applications uses remote, non-magnetic pneumatic valves.
Complete MRI-1 data sheet in pdf format


GSM-3 Programmable Gas Mixer
Generate custom gas mixes under program control for hypoxic and other protocols.
GSM-3 data sheet in pdf format.

GSM-3 Gas Mixer (click image for data sheet)


TA-100 Transducer Amplifier
Compact amplifier for blood pressure and other transducers.


BPM-832 Dual Pressure Monitor
2-Channel transducer amplifier with digital readouts.

MM-100 Metabolic Monitor
This complete system measures O2 consumption and CO2 production in mice and other small animals.

TC-1000 Small Animal Temperature Controller
Homeothermic heating system uses proportional control for artifact free operation.

MA-821/RSP Moving Averager
New and improved version of our famous Moving Averager for nerve and muscle recording.

GEMINI Respiration Monitor
New monitor measures CO2, O2, and respiration rate.
Complete Gemini data sheet in pdf format


OxyStar-100 O2 Monitor

OxyStar-100 O2 Monitor
New fast-response monitor measures O2.
Complete OxyStar-100 data sheet in pdf format


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