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Small Animal Ventilators

CWE, Inc. has pioneered many innovations in the area of small animal ventilation. These range from the basic SAR-830 Series of volume and/or pressure-cycled models for routine maintenance of small animals, to computer-controlled models for specialized applications. 

All CWE ventilators operate on the flow-time principle. This method uses a constant flow of gas, which is gated into the animal for a known time, thus producing a known volume (flow x time = volume). This simple but powerful approach gives great flexibility in setting ventilation parameters such as inspiration time, I/E ratio, and more; something that is difficult or impossible to accomplish with the older mechanical piston-pump technology. In addition, this contributes to the legendary reliability and long service life of our ventilators, since the only moving parts are a pair of long-life solenoid valves. 

New SAR-Comm remote control software for the SAR-1000 (FREE to SAR-1000 users):
SAR-Comm  (download and run Setup to install)

Separate USB driver for SAR-1000, included in the SAR-Comm package above)
SAR-1000: USB driver package:


SAR-1000 Small Animal Ventilator

SAR-1000 Ventilator (click picture for pdf data sheet)

Part No. 12-03100
SAR-1000 Small Animal Ventilator
Our newest and most advanced ventilator! The SAR-1000 has a simple and intuitive interface, with direct setting of Tidal Volume, Rate, I/E Ratio, and much more. Now features automatic Sigh function. Complete remote control via USB interface allows advanced functions such as constant-volume breath-holds, external triggering, etc.


SAR-830 Small Animal Ventilators

SAR-830?AP Ventilator (click for more information)

Part No. 12-02100
SAR-830/AP Small Animal Ventilator
These are our most popular models, and provide reliable and safe ventilation of rodent-size animals. Anesthesia (Halothane or Isoflurane) is available for all models. Economical multi-animal setups are made easy by adding external valve assemblies. All models feature a built-in computer control interface for remotely-controlled applications. 


MR-compatible ventilators

MRI-1 Ventilator (click for more information)

Part No. 12-07000
MRI-1  Small Animal Ventilator System
This unique series is designed for use in high magnetic field imaging applications. The MRI-1 Volume Ventilator uses remote, non-magnetic, pneumatic valves for controlling the animal's airflow. Pneumatic valve sets are available for animals ranging from mice to pigs. Standard valve set is for mouse to Guinea pig size. Anesthesia is available as an option.

Anesthesia for above ventilators

CWE offers complete Isoflurane anesthesia kits for all of our ventilators. A simple system consists of an external flowmeter and vaporizer. Complete rebreathing systems with stands are also available.

Support files for CWE ventilators:
SAR-1000: USB driver package:


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Last modified: May 19, 2015