PVT-192 Reaction Timer, vigilance task monitor

Vigilance Task Monitor

Product Category: Other Instruments
  • PVT-192 Psychomotor Vigilance Task Monitor
  • Battery powered for portability and field studies
  • Randomized stimulus presentation
  • All parameters user-settable
  • Serial computer interface for downloading stored data
  • AMI React software supplied

Reaction time testing is made easy with the PVT-192. The literature has shown that simple reaction time is a convenient and sensitive continuous performance test for long-term, large scale testing of awareness, effects of sleep deprivation, and drug effects. The PVT test, combined with easy-to-use React software, has proven to be a valuable tool wherever measures of performance or sleepiness are needed. These include the transportation and pharmaceutical industries.

CWE, Inc. is the manufacturer of the PVT-192, but for purchasing information, please contact:

E-mail: info@ambulatory-monitoring.com
Telephone: 800 341-0066
Fax: 914 693-6604