Advanced Rodent Ventilator for mice & rats, Volume / Pressure cycled, built in auto-SIGH function

Small Animal Ventilators

A pioneer in the field of small animal ventilation, CWE's ventilators offer legendary reliability and flexible operation. Whether you need a basic ventilator for animal maintenance during surgery, or need to perform  more complicated experiments, we can help.

CO2  & O2 Monitoring improves surgical survivability

Gas Analyzers

The monitoring of expired gas has long been known to be an important indicator of the physiological health of experimental animals.

Temperature Control

Temperature Control

Maintaining body temperature during surgical procedures or other times the experimental animal is anesthetized is important for physiological health.  The TC-1000 Temperature Controller monitors and controls the body temperature of small animals.

GSM-3 uses high-accuracy mass flow controllers to set the flow for each gas channel

Gas Mixers

The GSM-3 and GSM-4 Programmable Gas Mixers takes up to three (or four) input gasses and produce user-defined gas mixtures. Up to four different mix programs can be defined,  stored locally and saved for future use, and the included GSM-Comm software allows programed real-time changes.. The GSM-3 and GSM-4 use high-accuracy mass flow controllers to set the flow for each gas channel.

Direct Blood Pressure

Measuring blood pressure (BP) is a common requirement for many experimental procedures. CWE offers several systems for direct blood pressure measurement.

Bioamplifiers for extracellular signals


CWE manufactures a wide variety of  amplifiers for biopotential signals. 

CWE can customize instruments for your specific project

Other Instruments

CWE will customize instruments for your specific project. Contact us for details.