CWE manufactures a wide variety of  amplifiers for biopotential signals. 

  • Single or multichannel amplifiers
  • Wide gain ranges for uV to mV level signals
  • Sharp bandpass filters for focusing on signals of interest from EEG to EMG
  • Applications from battery-powered field use to laboratory
BMA-200 Single Channel AC/DC Preamplifier

BMA-200 Single Channel AC/DC Preamplifier

The BMA-200 is a high-performance, battery-operated biopotential amplifier with built-in audio monitor. Perfect for laboratory or field use.

BMA-400 AC/DC low-noise 4-channel extracellular bioamplifier

BMA-400 Four-channel AC/DC Preamplifier

Full-featured four-channel AC/DC biopotential amplifier. Very low noise with wide gain and frequency range. Comes with four ICA-400 input cables. Available electrode lead-wires are shown below. Optional rack-mount kit available.

proAmp-8 8-channel Programmable Preamplifier

proAmp-8 8-channel Programmable Preamplifier

Eight-channel programmable biopotential amplifier, with two integrated audio channels. Very low noise with many advanced features. Comes with eight ICA-400 input cables and complete remote-control software application..