Direct arterial blood pressure is the gold standard of BP measurement. CWE offers several instruments for this measurement.

  • Method is straightforward but requires catheterization of a major artery.
  • Uses interchangeable clinical-type BP transducers
  • All these amplifiers have analog signal outputs for use with data acquisition systems. 
CWE Automated Direct Blood Pressure Monitor, standard, diastolic, mean, and HR are reported

BP-100 Automated Direct BP Monitor

The BP-100 Blood Pressure Monitor is an accurate, easy-to-use instrument for measuring direct blood pressure (BP) from small animals. Standard systolic, diastolic, and mean pressures are reported, along with heart rate (HR).

CWE TA-100 Single-Channel Transducer Amplifier

TA-100 Transducer Amplifier

The TA-100 is a compact, stand-alone amplifier for use with all DC-bridge type transducers, including BP,  air pressure, strain gages, force transducers, and accelerometers. A built-in LCD display shows the current measurement as well as a fast-response bar-graph for easy visualization of a changing signal. A standard serial port allows remote data collection using any simple terminal software.

BPM-832 Dual Pressure Monitor

BPM-832 Dual Pressure Monitor

The BPM-832 Pressure Monitor has two independent amplifier channels for use with bridge-type transducers, including BP, force, and acceleration. Each channel includes low-pass filtering, adjustable DC balancing, and a digital readout.