A pioneer in the field of small animal ventilation, CWE's ventilators offer legendary reliability and flexible operation. Whether you need a basic ventilator for animal maintenance during surgery, or need to perform  more complicated experiments, we can help.

  • expandable to multiple animals
  • mice, rats, Guinea pigs
  • surgical support
  • control-of-breathing studies
Advanced ventilator system for rodents

SAR-1000 Advanced Small Animal Ventilator

The SAR-1000 has a simple and intuitive interface, with direct setting of Tidal Volume, Rate, I/E Ratio, and much more. Features an automatic Sigh function and complete remote-control using supplied software. Includes everything needed for mouse or rat ventilation.

SAR-830/AP Small Animal Ventilator, Volume / Pressure cycled

SAR-830/AP Small Animal Ventilator

The SAR-830/AP is our classic ventilator for rodent-size animals.  Multi-animal setups (up to 5 animals per ventilator) are made easy by adding external valve assemblies. Compatible with anesthesia, and feature a built-in control interface for remote-control applications.

MRI-1 MRI-compatible ventilator

MRI-1 MRI-compatible Ventilator

The MRI-1 Ventilator is a small animal ventilator designed for use in MRI environments. The system comprises a main control unit and a remote pneumatically operated, non-magnetic breathing valve. The MRI-1 is compatible with anesthesia and has a built-in remote-control interface.

Cycle-triggered ventilation

AVS-1 Cycle-triggered Ventilator

The AVS-1 Advanced Ventilator System is the direct descendent of the classic CTP-930 Cycle-Triggered Ventilator, and features neural control, demand mode, and much more. Compatible with mice, rats, and larger animals.

Anesthesia for all CWE ventilators


For more information on recommended anesthesia systems for CWE Ventilators, please visit our anesthesia partner, E-Z Systems.  Their knowledgeable staff will be able to apply their anesthesia expertise towards providing the system best suited to your needs.  You can contact them for further infor