BMA-200 Single Channel AC/DC Preamplifier

High-performance portable bioamplifier

Product Category: Amplifiers
Part No.: 08-03000
  • For all extracellular recording applications
  • Battery or AC operation
  • Low noise, wide gain range
  • Built in audio amp and speaker
  • True DC response with offset
  • Rugged laboratory or field amplifier
  • Stimulus passing to electrodes
  • Isolation head-stage (ISO-Z) and high-impedance head-stage (HS-1) are available
  • Input type and impedance: Differential instrumentation amp, > 109 ohms
  • Wideband noise, RTI: <7uV P-P 
  • Common Mode Rejection: >95dB
  • Gain range: 10X - 50,000X, 12-positions 
  • Coupling: AC or DC, switchable
  • Input connector: Amphenol 703-91T-3478-009 7-pin 
  • Input offset adjustment ranges: +2mV, +20mV, +200mV, jumper selectable
  • Voltages at input jack for external devices: +7.2V, 20mA max current
  • AC calibrator: 1mV P-P square wave, approx. 10Hz
  • Low-pass filter: 100Hz - 50kHz, 6-positions
  • High-pass filter: DC - 300Hz, 6-positions
  • Filter type, slope: Butterworth, flattest response, -12dB/octave
  • Stim/record input: TTL negative logic, or switch closure
  • Stimulus inputs (rear panel): 2mm (0.080”) pin jacks
  • Audio amplifier: 200mW, built-in mylar speaker
  • Audio output connector: 3.5mm stereo mini-phone jack
  • Output connector (rear panel): BNC jack
  • Operating time between charging: approx. 24 hours
  • Power adapter/charger: 24VDC 
  • Dimensions: 6W x 1.75H x 7D inches, 15 x 4.5 x 18 cm

Note 1: Not to be used for human life support applications.

The BMA-200 is a portable, battery operated amplifier for EEG, ECG, EMG, and other extracellular applications. The BMA-200 features a wide gain range, sharp cutoff bandpass filters, an AC calibrator, and a built-in audio amplifier and speaker for monitoring the signal. Stimulus delivery to the electrodes is accomplished by a front-panel switch, or via an external logic signal. True DC response is switch-selectable, with a variable DC offset control. Low-power circuitry contributes to long operating time between charges, or the unit can be operated with the included AC adapter. It features stable DC operation and includes adjustable DC offset.

A standard input cable is included which is compatible with a wide range of electrode lead-wires. Active head-stages are also available for microelectrode applications..

Other Attachments


Alligator clip electrode leads, set of 3

Alligator clip electrode leads, set of 3

Part No. 10-02065

Color-coded, solid copper miniature alligator clip leads. 39" (1m) long, terminated with 1.5mm Touch-Proof plug. Application: animal ECG recording.

BMA-200 Filter Mod

Part No. 08-03120

Custom modification to BMA-200 bandpass filter, price per setting/ change


Part No. 08-03119

Battery charger for BMA-200, 12V input

Replacement battery charger for BMA-200


Part No. 08-03111

Replacement battery charger for BMA-200, universal input



Part No. 08-03110

Replacement NiMH battery packs for BMA-200, pack of 2

Connector for BMA-200, BMA-400, BMA-931, CT-1000.

BMA-931/CON 7-pin amplifier input plug, each

Part No. 10-02040

Unwired input connector for BMA-200, BMA-400, BMA-931, CT-1000. Use this plug for making custom input cables.

BNC patch cable, 20' long


Part No. 10-10012

BNC-BNC patch cable, 20' long

BNC patch cable, 3' long


Part No. 10-10010

BNC-BNC patch cable, 3' long

BNC patch cable, 6' long


Part No. 10-10011

BNC-BNC patch cable, 6' long

D-482 ECG, EMG electrode

D-482 ECG, EMG electrode

Part No. 10-02066

Disposable pre-gelled ECG, EMG electrode, 1" (2.5cm) dia, pack of 150