MA-821/RSP 4-Channel, rack-mounted moving averager

4-Channel Moving Averager

Product Category: Other Instruments
Part No.: 08-08000
  • Four-channel Moving Averager
  • Standard processing for ENG and EMG signals
  • Each channel has three pushbutton-selected Time Constants
  • Adjustable gain and offset controls
  • Each channel has full-wave rectified output and Moving Average output
  • Rack-mountable or benchtop operation
  • Input type and impedance: Single-ended, 1MW impedance
  • Input voltage range: +10V 
  • Gain range: 1-10X
  • Coupling: AC or DC, switchable
  • Offset adjustment (Position) range, activated with push/pull switch: +2.5V
  • Moving Average output: +10V, 10mA max
  • Full-wave Rectified output: +10V, 10mA max
  • Moving Average function: 3rd-order Paynter filter
  • Moving Average Time Constants: 50, 100, and 200mS standard
  • Input and output connectors: BNC jack 
  • Power requirements: 120/240VAC 50/60Hz, switch selectable 
  • Dimensions: 17.2W x 3.5H x 12.5D inches (44 x 9 x 32cm)

Note 1: Not to be used for human life support applications.

The Moving Average is the preferred method for quantifying multi-unit nerve or muscle electrical activity. The MA-821/RSP Moving Averager provides four independent channels of signal processing, each with a precision full-wave rectified output as well as the 3rd-order Paynter filter (Moving Average) output. A pushbutton selects among any three time constants for each channel. Interchangeable Time Constant Modules are used to program the Moving Average filters. The standard values are 50, 100, and 200mS, which are the most commonly used time constants for processing EMG and ENG signals. Any other values within the range 10 - 400mS can also be supplied at no extra cost.

Besides pushbutton time constant selection, the MA-821/RSP also has front-panel controls for signal gain and position (DC offset). These controls facilitate setup of the recorder or data acquisition system.

The MA-821/RSP is housed in a rack-mountable enclosure occupying 3U (3½”) of rack space. All inputs and outputs are located on both the front and rear panels, for convenient cabling to other instruments.
This instrument provides all the features you need for quantifying multi-unit EMG and ENG activity. A range of compatible accessories is also available, including low-noise bioamplifiers.

Data Sheet


MA-821 TCM Time Constant Module for MA-830/RSP

Part No. 08-07110

Time constant Module (for MA-821/RSP) Note: 50, 100, & 200mS standard values; custom value in range 10 - 500mS available at no extra charge.