CWE Automated Direct Blood Pressure Monitor, standard, diastolic, mean, and HR are reported

Automated Direct BP Monitor

Product Category: Direct Blood Pressure
Part No.: 19-10000
  • Mean, systolic, diastolic, & HR measurement
  • Fully automated with digital display of all measurements
  • Standard system includes DTX-1 transducer & TC-GRA transducer adapter cable
  • Works with most standard BP transducers


  • Input type: differential instrumentation amplifier, 1Megohm impedance
  • Excitation voltage: 5.0VDC
  • Transducer compatibility: DC bridge-type 
  • Transducer input jack: 6-pin WK6-32S
  • Transducer output (nominal): 5uV/V/mmHg 
  • Pressure measurement range: 0 – 310mmHg 
  • Frequency response: 1kHz 
  • Pressure accuracy: +1mmHg
  • Pressure resolution (displayed): 1mmHg
  • Pressure resolution (analog outputs): 0.1mmHg
  • Pressure signal, Systolic, Diastolic analog output scaling: 10mV/mmHg
  • Heart rate (BPM) analog output scaling: 5mV/bpm 
  • Output impedance (all outputs): 10 ohms
  • Analog output connectors: BNC jacks 
  • Serial data output format: 9600 baud, 8 data bits, no parity, 1 stop bit
  • Serial output connector (rear panel): 3.5mm 3-cond mini phone plug
  • Display: vacuum florescent graphic display
  • Dimensions, main unit: 9W x 2.5H x 7D in. (23 x 6.3 x 18cm)
  • Power requirements (using supplied 5VDC adapter): 120/240V universal input, 10VA

The BP-100 is a complete direct BP monitor that uses standard, widely available clinical-type BP transducers (included with unit). The standard systolic, diastolic, and mean pressures are reported, along with heart rate (HR).

The BP-100 features automated operation, including push-button transducer zeroing. High and low-pressure alarms are user-adjustable. A serial data output is provided for remote data collection. Analog voltage outputs for continuous signal, systolic, diastolic, and HR are compatible with data acquisition systems. All computed measurements are updated every 2.5 seconds. A special fast mode can be selected, where the pressure reading is continuously updated. This mode allows the BP-100 to be used as a general-purpose transducer amplifier for recording signals other than arterial BP.


CWE BP Calibration Kit

BP Calibration Kit

Part No. 10-04050

Includes sphygmomanometer, bulb, tubing, and connectors

DTX-1 BP Transducer

DTX-1 BP Transducer

Part No. 10-04100

The DTX-1 is a standard, medical-grade BP transducer suitable for use with rats and larger animals. The TC-GRA adapter cable is required for use.

Components for one BP transducer assembly:
1 ea DTX-1 BP transducer
1 ea TC-GRA Adapter cable

Sterile pack of 10 DTX-1 direct BP transducers

DTX-10 Sterile pack of ten DTX-1 transducers

Part No. 10-04110

Sterile pack of 10 DTX-1 direct BP transducers

TC-GRA Transducer Adapter Cable

TC-GRA Transducer Adapter Cable

Part No. 10-04210

Adapter cable for DTX-1 transducers. Required for use with DTX-1 transducer.