CWE TC-1000 Mouse Temperature Control System

Complete temperature control system for mice

TC-1000 Mouse
Product Category: Temperature Control
Part No.: 08-13000

TC-1000 Mouse Complete Temperature Control System for mice includes:

  • 1 x TC-1000 Proportional Temperature Controller
  • 1 x YSI-451 miniature thermistor probe for mice (1mm dia)
  • 1 x Heating Pad Mouse: 3 x 6 in, waterproof, w/ cover, made of 1mm flexible silicon rubber, cable length 9 ft. 


CWE-451 Mouse Temperature Probe for CWE TC-1000

CWE-451 Mouse Temperature Probe

Part No. 10-09012

CWE-451 miniature thermistor probe for mouse, 1mm dia, cable length 10 ft. (supplied with TC-1000 Mouse)

Heating Pad Mouse for TC-1000

Heating Pad Mouse

Part No. 08-13013

Flexible silicone rubber heating pad, mouse size, 3" x 6" (7.6cm x 15cm), 1mm thick, w/ cover.  Cable length 9 ft.