CWE Oxystar fast-response respiratory oxygen measurement

Fast-response respiratory oxygen measurement

Product Category: Gas Analyzers
Part No.: 14-11000
  • Fast-response, high accuracy O2 analyzer
  • Sample flow is adjustable over a 10 - 200ml/min range, making respiratory oxygen measurements possible on small as well as larger animals
  • Applications: respiratory monitoring, hypoxic gas studies, general laboratory use
  • Measurement range: 0 - 100% O2
  • Intrinsic accuracy: <+0.15% O2
  • Linearity over full measurement range: <+0.1% O2
  • Measurement resolution: 0.1% O2
  • Repeatability: <+0.1% O2
  • Zero drift: <+0.2% O2 / month
  • Response time (21% O2 - 16% O2): <330mS @ 150ml/min
  • Transducer technology: Paramagnetic
  • output voltage range: 0 0 - 10.0V
  • output connector: BNC
  • serial output protocol: 2400,N,8,1
  • serial output connector: 9-pin D-SUB female 
  • sample inlet / outlet connectors: Luer-loc female
  • Power requirements (using supplied power adapter): 115/230V, 50/60Hz @ 5VA 
  • Dimensions: 9.3W x 4H x 8.0D inches (23.6 x 10.1 x 20.3 cm) 

CWE's OxyStar fast response O2 monitor uses an advanced paramagnetic oxygen transducer with fully digital operation. Calibration is accomplished with a simple two-point procedure, typically nitrogen (for 0.0%) and room air (20.9%). The analyzer offers excellent linearity and stability over its entire measurement range.

Standard features of the OxyStar  include simple one-knob calibration, analog voltage output signal, and a serial data output for remote monitoring or data collection. A bar-graph display shows rapid changes and trends over three user-selectable ranges. Sample inlet and outlet connections use standard Luer-loc fittings. The instrument comes complete with sample tubing and an accessory pack of tubing and adapter fittings for constructing custom sample tubing configurations.


For CWE Gas Analyzers (CapStar-100, GEMINI, microCapStar)

Filter: In-line miniature hydrophobic filter, 13mm dia, Luer fittings, pk of 5

Part No. 11-01108

In-line miniature hydrophobic filter, 13mm dia, Luer fittings, pk of 5.  Essential accessory for CWE Gas Analyzers (CapStar-100, GEMINI, microCapStar)

CWE Gas Analyzer Accessory Kit

Gas Analyzer Accessory Kit (AccPack)

Part No. 11-01101

Includes sample lines, 2 Nafion® lines, disk filters & fittings

Gas Analyzer Pump Kit: Replacement sample air pump for CWE gas analyzers

Gas Analyzer Pump Kit: Replacement sample air pump

Part No. 11-02000

Replacement air pump kit for CapStar-100, GEMINI, OxyStar, MM-100.