SAR-830/AP Small Animal Ventilator, Volume / Pressure cycled

Volume / Pressure cycled ventilator with internal air pump

Product Category: Small Animal Ventilators
Part No.: 12-02100
  • Dependable, all-electronic ventilator
  • Pressure or volume-cycled operation
  • Wide tidal volume and rate range
  • Mice to Guinea pig size
  • Expandable to 5 animals
  • Safe with oxygen and anesthesia
  • Respiratory rate range: 5 - 200 breaths/min
  • Tidal Volume range (NOTE 1): 0.2 - 35ml
  • Inspiration time range: 0 - 5.00 seconds
  • Inspiratory flow range (NOTE 2): 100 - 1000 ml/minute
  • Pressure control range: 0 - 50.0 cmH2O
  • Analog rate output voltage: 10mV/breath/min
  • Analog pressure output voltage: 50mV/cmH2O
  • Logic Sync Out voltage: 5V (TTL)
  • Remote-control inputs: two TTL logic inputs
  • Power requirements: 120/240VAC, selectable
  • Dimensions: 9Wx5.5Hx9D in (23x14x23 cm)

NOTE 1 Using internal valves External valve assemblies available for larger animals provide up to 100ml volumes.
NOTE 2 Rat - Guinea pig Mouse Kit provides special low range flowmeter and mouse-compatible tubing set.

To set up the SAR-830/AP, you first need to know the desired Tidal Volume (VT) and Respiratory Rate (RR). These can be determined from literature references, or from the charts at the back of our instruction manuals. Besides VT and RR, the other parameter you need is the Inspiration:Expiration Ratio, or IE. For rodents, this is often set as 40% (0.40), which allows for a slightly longer expiration phase. With these basic numbers in hand, the equations below will give the needed SAR-830/AP settings.  

First, determine Inspiratory Time (TI) in seconds:
TI = (IE X 60) / RR

Then, determine inspiratory Flow Rate in ml/min:
FLOW = (VT X 60) / TI

Note that VT is in ml, RR is in breaths/minute, TI is in seconds, and FLOW is in ml/minute. The equations account for the seconds & minutes automatically.

Here is an example for a 300g rat:
RR = 55 breaths/minute, VT = 2.5ml, and IE = 40% (0.40)

TI = (0.4 X 60) / 55 = 0.436s, and

FLOW = (2.5 X 60) / 0.436 = 344ml/min

On the SAR-830/AP ventilator, you would then dial in the RR directly using the RATE dial and the digital display. Adjust the flowmeter to the FLOW setting, and the INSP TIME dial for the TI setting. To adjust VT up or down from these settings, it is most convenient to simply increase or decrease the FLOW, while leaving the timing settings as is. 

The SAR-830/AP's legendary reliability rests on simple principles of operation and robust construction.  Tidal volumes are generated by gating a known airflow into the lungs for a set inspiratory time. Only three controls — respiratory rate, inspiratory time, and flow rate are necessary to produce tidal volumes and respiratory rates over a wide range. Our SAR-830/AP has the additional feature of pressure-cycling, where the lungs are always inflated to a set pressure on each inspiration. Compatible with Isoflurane Anesthesia systems.

Other Attachments


"T" Connector Kit

"T" Connector Kit

Part No. 12-01120

1 each 1/8", 3/16", 1/4 ID (3.17, 4.75, 6.35mm)

"W" Connector Kit

"W" Connector Kit

Part No. 12-01114

For SAR-1000 & SAR-830/AP Ventilators, pack of 2

CTP-VA-1 External Valve Assembly for SAR ventilator

CTP-VA-1 External Valve Assembly

Part No. 12-04000

Rodent size (same as SAR-1000 internal valves).

CTP-VA-3 External Valve Assembly for SAR ventilators

CTP-VA-3 External Valve Assembly

Part No. 12-05000

rabbit, cat size