Advanced ventilator system for rodents

Advanced ventilator system for rodents

Product Category: Small Animal Ventilators
Part No.: 12-03100
  • Pressure or volume-cycled operation
  • Wide tidal volume and rate range
  • User-friendly set-up and operation
  • Mice to Guinea pig size 
  • Automatic calculation & display of Tidal Volume & all parameters
  • User-programmable automatic sigh function
  • Remote control via USB port using free SAR-CommVS software application
  • Safe with oxygen and anesthesia
  • Multi-animal set-ups (up to 5 rodents)
  • Expand to larger animals with CTP-VA-3 Valve Assembly
  • Respiratory rate range: 5 - 200 breaths/min
  • Tidal Volume range (NOTE 1): 0.2 - 30ml
  • Inspiration/Expiration range (%Insp): 10 - 90%
  • Inspiratory flow range : 10 - 1000 ml/minute
  • Pressure control range : 0 - 50.0 cmH2O
  • Internal air pump capacity: 3 lpm @ 5psi (0.34 bar)
  • Analog pressure output voltage: 50mV/cmH2O
  • Logic Sync Out voltage: 5V (TTL)
  • Trigger In voltage : 5V (TTL)
  • Remote-control interface: USB
  • INSP, EXP, and PRES MONITOR ports (front panel): Luer female
  • PUMP IN, PUMP OUT, FLOW IN, EXP AIR, and IN VENT ports (rear panel): 0.15” flex tubing barb (4mm)
  • Power requirements (supplied with mains cord for destination country): 120/240VAC, 50VA
  • Dimensions: 9Wx4Hx9D in (23x10x23 cm)

NOTE 1: Using internal valves. External valve assemblies available for larger animals provide up to 100ml volumes.

The SAR-1000 Small Animal Ventilator is a versatile and easy-to-use ventilator for mice, rats, and other small animals. Using Volume mode it delivers a fixed tidal volume on each breath; Pressure mode causes inflation to stop at a preset airway pressure. In either mode, lung inflation is maintained at the end of inspiration until the percent inspiration (%Insp) time has elapsed. This end inspiratory pause (EIP) improves gas exchange and the overall efficiency of ventilation.

The ventilator operates on the proven flow-time principle, where a known airflow is delivered for a set time, thus delivering a fixed volume. Actual tidal volume is computed and displayed on the LCD display, as well as Minute Ventilation (MV) and other respiratory parameters. The Tidal Volume that goes to the animal is flow x time. The %INSP dial sets the fraction of the breathing cycle that is inspiration. For example, at 60 breaths/min, a 50% settings means inspiration = 1/2 second.

The SAR-1000 takes care of all the calculations for you.  So when you adjust the resp rate (RR), the inspiration time automatically changes so the %INSP always applies. You basically adjust the Tidal Volume by adjusting the FLOW. The Tidal Volume is automatically calculated and displayed for you.   Here is a short video showing basic setup and operation:

A built-in air pump allows completely self-contained operation. This pump draws in room air, oxygen, or anesthetic gasses through a rear-panel port. Tubing sets for both mouse and rat-sized animals are included.

The SAR-1000 is expandable to multi-animal ventilation by adding External Valve Assemblies (see Accessories). Up to five small animals can be accommodated (Ventilator + 4 CTP-VA-1 Valve Assemblies), or one animal up to 5kg using  one CTP-VA-3 Valve Assembly.

Complete remote control of the ventilator via its USB port and the free SAR-CommVS software application (see below). 

Software Updates


"T" Connector Kit

"T" Connector Kit

Part No. 12-01120

1 each 1/8", 3/16", 1/4 ID (3.17, 4.75, 6.35mm)

"W" Connector Kit

"W" Connector Kit

Part No. 12-01114

For SAR-1000 & SAR-830/AP Ventilators, pack of 2

CTP-VA-1 External Valve Assembly for SAR ventilator

CTP-VA-1 External Valve Assembly

Part No. 12-04000

Rodent size (same as SAR-1000 internal valves).

CTP-VA-3 External Valve Assembly for SAR ventilators

CTP-VA-3 External Valve Assembly

Part No. 12-05000

rabbit, cat size